Stroking heart pumps memories,

Fiddling brain always carries,

Choking throat gather lump,

But locked up tongue never bump,

Ticking clocks never stop,

And brimming emotions never hop,

Looking at the hollow sky,

Grieving eyes always cry,

Sitting in a gloomy space,

Bringing out my inner blaze,

Fireworks everywhere,

Still there is no room for care.

3 A.M.

Scrolling through memories,

Opened some boxes of stories,

Deepest darkest secrets crept in,

Which I try to throw in bin,

Watching ceiling fan was the most interesting thing,

Future knocked on the wall to sing,

Infinite thoughts brimming my mind,

Ghosts around made me blind,

Forcing myself to sleep,

A new story peeped,

Imagined Imagined Imagined,

Lids and mind fought a war,

Finally lids won and mind blacked out.

Playing with Fire…

Walking on dark streets,

Weeping sky was looking down,

Far away sound of war buzzing,

People walking with death in their eyes,

Small twig of peace is crushing slowly,

“What is happening to this mankind?”,

“Why humanity is on death bed?”,

Questions asked by small child,

Moving with a white cloth,

Facing the demons inside,

All this earth ask for, is to smile,

O’ dear lord please come to save us,

Bow down to the lamp that resides in us,

Pluck out the storm and follow the smell of roses rather than ammunition.

Winter bells…

Covering my soul,

I went for a stroll.

Looking at the gloomy trees,

My mind froze.

Curling in a ball of fire,

I realised it’s my own desire.

Juggling on a dead path,

I saw the glimpse of aftermath.

Glimmering green patch in the sky,

Made the white sheet fly.

Looking behind the beauty,

I saw something very gloomy.

Surrounding myself with burning desire,

I threw myself into this white sapphire.

Imagining the consequences,

I calculated my chances.

Making up my mind,

I allowed windy whites to devour me.

New Wings

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

MAYA Angelou

Dear Maya Angelou,

From the beginning, you were born to fly and inspire every single person in your path. When I read your poems and memoirs I travel back in time and try to experience what you all had faced. You inspired everyone to spread their wings and fly way from this vicious circle.

You made us realise that staying silent is not an ultimate peace, we are alive when we fulfill our aspirations. Being a woman with strong mind was not an easy task at that time, but you taught us that gender doesn’t matter when we are against the world.

People think that a woman doesn’t think wisely, but you broke all the stereotypes and outshined with bright colours. Your writing sets an example for those who think that they can’t bring change in this society you made us realise our powers which we were not able to understand.

The society that you wanted is not ready yet, but it is slowly trying to reach the mark. We just need to clean our mind and thoughts, and stop losing hope from life.

I hope you are in a happy and egalitarian place,


A girl who wants to fly.

Searching for a sunshine

Wandering around a park,

I saw a glimmering mark,

Fiddling with my mind,

Curiousity made me check it’s kind,

I noticed a blossoming flower,

Bending down, I saw one with a scar,

Hiding beneath the blossoming one,

It wants to shed off its bun,

Peeping towards the sky,

It made my heart cry,

Realizing the message of nature,

I knew what to do with future,

Shedding off the skin,

I sensed the power within,

Testing my preferences, away from validations,

I would be a star, to whom no one could suppress or reject.

Black world…

We can only imagine what you people have experienced, but you all came out strong

By Riya Dua

Dear Holocaust survivors,

We all read stories or watch movies regarding your sufferings, we can only imagine what you people have experienced, but you all came out strong living in a dark world you all must have wailed daily.

Concentration camps were really harsh and you all have seen your loved ones die slowly. Nazis were sadistic, they gave you different clothes and mark you with a painful stamp they called themselves true blood and you people intruders.

But you all were strong, ferocious and full of will. You all made up your mind and flee from the dark or Black world . You people were abused both mentally and physically but that didn’t reduce your strength to fight.

When I read or listen to your interview I literally cry, Nazis used to think by inflicting pain they are marking their power but they didn’t knew that they were giving rise to rebels, people who had enough of this slavary and want to fly away to make history.


Girl who learnt the importance of strength at the time of crisis.


Laying on a fluffy white,

Intending to make things right.

Grabbing the sight of brimming sky,

I watch something passing by.

Whisking myself towards the figure,

I catch the glimpse of astonishing glitter.

It woke my inner life.

Settling with my failure,

The glitter turned me towards something familiar.

I look at my soul, being happy and wise,

Realising my gap, I take something nice.

Waking up like a new blooming flower,

I observed I have no previous scar.

Rising with pleasant emotions, I am ready to break through the shackles.